Miniature Camera Modules

The NanEye miniature CMOS image sensors and corresponding camera module configurations are available in modular form factors as small as 1 mm x 1mm. Various optics options are available.

PartNo Description Resolution MP Pixel Size Optical Format / Size Shutter Type Frame Rate Output Interface Special Features Option Package
NanEyeM Compact camera module solutions for endoscopy 102.4 2.4 1.05 x 1.05 x 2.77 Rolling 49 LVDS Up to 3m cable drive capability
NanEyeC Industry’s smallest complete digital camera module 102.4 2.4 1 Rolling 58 SEIM (1x) 75 Mbps Module with integrated optics Mono RGB 2x2 SGA
NanEye Miniature CMOS image sensor 62 3 1 Rolling 62 LVDS 1x 38Mbps Module with integrated optics Mono, RGB 2x2 SGA or module with cable