DSI – Discrete Power Semiconductors

In cooperation with our partner DSI, we store and produce an extensive selection of discrete power semiconductors. You will also find Germanium and silicon technology, which has become rare, at Solicomp.

For particularly high demands, DSI offers the perfect alternative to JAN or JANTX. Robust technology that even meets military standards. Precisely manufactured according to your wishes.

Since 2023, the DSI brand has been owned by Solicomp GmbH.

Performance from stock:

  • diodes
  • Germanium & Silicon Transistors
  • Thyristors (TRIAC, DIAC, SIDAC)
  • bridge rectifier
  • Darlington transistors
  • unijunction transistors
  • MOS field effect transistors
  • Zener and suppressor diodes
  • Axial and screw diodes