• Small narrow 1.1mm x 3.25mm x 0.60mm module
  • 1.8V power supply with 1.8V I²C bus
  • Crosstalk and ambient light cancellation
  • 2 channels (photopic ALS + IR) with programmable gain and integration time
  • Offset emitter/detector package design


  • Optimized for narrow bezel mobile phones
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Enabled superior proximity detection
  • Accurate ambient light sensing
  • Industrial design flexibility

Product parameters

Supply Voltage1.7 - 1.98
I²C Bus1.8V
ProgrammableGain, Integration time, Interrupt
Integrated CapabilitiesVCSEL
Recommended Operating Distances<15
Temperature Range-30 to 85
PackageOLGA, pin count 6