• Patented dual-diode architecture
  • 8M:1 dynamic range
  • UV rejection package
  • Proximity offset adjustment
  • Proximity saturation indicator bit


  • Enables operation in IR light environments
  • Enables operation in 60K lux sunlight and accurate sensing behind spectrally distorting materials
  • Improves lux accuracy across varying light sources
  • Compensates for internal system offset or IR LED crosstalk
  • Prevents false proximity detection in bright light

Product parameters

Supply Voltage2.4 - 3.6
I²C Bus1.8
ProgrammableGain, Integration time, Interrupt
Integrated CapabilitiesALS, Prox, LED Drvr.
Recommended Operating Distances< 15
Temperature Range−30 to 70
PackageFN, pin count 6