• Low profile (0.35mm) and mini size L2.0mm x W1.0mm x H0.35mm
  • An ideal 315nm-400nm UVA channel, a human eye response, photopic channel and an IR channel
  • With an ultra-low noise analog front-end, up to 4096x gain and 20-bit resolution offer high sensitivity ALS detection
  • Special edge-located photodiode placement which allows for a narrow bezel design down to 0.4mm width
  • Equipped with 3 modulators with up to 14kHz fast sampling rate offer fast and accurate ambient light illuminance and flicker information


  • Ideal for height and space constrained application, such as smart band, watch, narrow bezel smartphone
  • Provides accurate ambient light illuminance, UVA and up to 14kHz flicker information
  • Reduces board space requirements and enables off-center system design, enhances industrial design flexibility of sensor apertures sizes and shapes
  • High sensitivity enables the device to work behind a low transmissivity covering glass with remaining providing an accurate ALS detection

Product parameters

Supply Voltage1.7 - 2.0
Interface I2C - 1.8V
ProgrammableGain, interrupt, integration time
Max. Lux65000
Temperature Range -30 to 85
PackageOLGA, Pin count 6
RemarkIntegrated Capabilities and Components: UVA channel