• Integrated RGB and proximity detection
  • Programmable color sensing and proximity detection
  • 1M:1 dynamic range
  • Programmable interrupt function
  • Area efficient 2mm x 2.4mm Dual Flat no-lead (FN) package


  • Single device (module) reduces board space and design effort
  • Enables flexible operation for wide range of applications
  • Enables operation within wide range of lighting conditions
  • Reduces microprocessor interrupt overhead
  • Reduces board space requirements while simplifying designs

Product parameters

Supply Voltage2.7 - 3.3
I²C Bus1.8V
ProgrammableGain, integration time, interrupt
Integrated CapabilitiesALS, color sensing
Recommended Operating Distances< 1 m
Temperature Range-40 to 85
PackageFN, pin count 6
RemarkNot recommended for new designs. Please see TCS3772x device family.