• JENCOLOR® interference filter technology based on CIE 1931, DIN 5033
  • Sensitivity up to 2.1M counts/(µW/cm2)
  • Dynamic range 250M:1 (16 to 24 Bit ADC)
  • Conversion time 125µs to 16s
  • Temperature range -40°C up to 125°C


  • No aging drifts of the filter over temperature and time / UV resistant
  • Enables color and light measurements at low light as well as high bright light conditions
  • Enables color and light detection at dynamic conditions
  • Enables fast and high accurate measurements depending on the light conditions
  • Enables operations also with Power LEDs and under industrial and aviation requirements

Product parameters

Supply Voltage2.7 - 3.6
Interfacefast I²C
Color Sensor ChannelsXYZ tri-stimulus CIE 1931/standard observer
IR Blocking FilterYes
ProgrammableGain, integration time, interrupt, 16-bit output via shifter
Temperature Range-40 to 125