• Capable of ±10% illuminance and correlated color temperature accuracy
  • Small footprint and low profile package: 2.41mm x 1.75mm x 1.00 mm
  • Advanced interference filter technology
  • Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity
  • XYZ tristimulus filters
  • Programmable gain and integration time


  • Improves ALS responsiveness of the system
  • Reduces board space requirements and enables low-profile system design
  • Improves ALS response for more accurate measurement of lighting environment
  • Enables accurate color and ALS sensing under varying lighting conditions and behind dark glass
  • Enables accurate color temperature calculations and ambient light sensing
  • Enables low power consumption

Product parameters

Supply Voltage1.7 - 2.0
InterfaceI²C - 1.8V
Color Sensor ChannelsXYZ and 2 IR
IR Blocking FilterYes
ProgrammableGain, Integration time, Interrupt
Temperature Range-40 to 85
Package8-pin module