• Direct ToF technology with high sensitivity SPAD detection
  • 8×8 configurable multi-zone configuration with multi-object detection
  • Adjustable field of view (up to 63° diagonal)
  • Fast Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) architecture
  • Sub-nanosecond light pulse
  • 10 – 5000mm distance sensing @ 30Hz
  • On-chip histogram processing
  • 940nm VCSEL Class 1 Eye Safety
  • High performance on-chip sunlight rejection filter and algorithm
  • Small modular OLGA 2.0mm x 4.6mm x 1.4mm package


  • Delivers high SNR, wide dynamic range and no multi-path reflections
  • Enables dark and sunlight environment distance measurement within ±5%
  • Adaptable FoV for custom scene matching
  • Provides best-in-class resolution ranging mode detection sensing
  • Enables accurate distance measurements
  • Provides high accuracy, greater distance between cover glass, dynamic cover glass calibration, dirt or smudge removal and crosstalk compensation
  • Eye-safety circuitry stops VCSEL driver if VCSEL fault occurs
  • Optical filters with algorithm support enables high ambient light resilience
  • Reduced board space requirements, enables low-profile system designs in restricted space Industrial designs

Product parameters

Supply Voltage2.7 - 3.3
I²C Bus1.8
ProgrammableMode setting, Repetition rate, Interrupt
Recommended Operating Distances1-500
Temperature Range-30 to 70
PackageOLGA pin count 12