• Line times down to 40 µs
  • Binning mode (half the number of effective channels) for faster readout speed down to 20 µs
  • Selectable parameters: input charge range, holes or electrons polarity, detector timing, low-pass filter time constant and line time
  • Up to three different internal charge pump cycles for offset adjusting, signal emulation and switch charge injection compensation
  • Two power modes in addition to sleep and full power-down modes
  • Correlated Double Sampling for offset subtraction with programmable time constant


  • Flexible programming options to optimize for application needs
  • Suitable to a wide range of detector sizes, supporting line capacitances up to 200 pF
  • Best-in-class figure of merit for noise, power consumption and speed
  • High-speed for dynamic applications
  • Ultra-low power for portable applications
  • Low-noise for great image quality
  • Accurate temperature feedback
  • Chip-on-flex packaging suitable to ACF bonding on the detector side and to a low-cost standard connector on the PCB side

Product parameters

ApplicationsMedical Imaging, Digital Radiography
Primary FunctionCharge-to-digital Converter
Resolution bit16
Input Related Noise fC500 electrons
Min. Power Consumption mW per Channel1.1 - 1.6
Min. Integration Time / Line Time40
PackageChip-on-Flex (ACF bonding + standard connector)