• Improved optical path
  • 250% larger embedded photodiode
  • Embedded low noise analog front end for ECG signal acquisition
  • Synchronized PPG and ECG acquisition
  • Low noise analog optical front end


  • Address all skin types
  • Improved sensitivity, higher optical noise ratio
  • Electrocardiogram ECG with dry electrodes
  • Enabling blood pressure measurements
  • Improved HRM measurement quality

Product parameters

Supply Voltage2.7 - 5.5
I²C BusI²C slave, Standard (100kHz) and Fast Mode (400kHz)
Temperature Range-30 to 70
Package22 pins, 6.36mm x 3.51mm x 1mm
LED Configuration2 Green, 1 IR
Supported AlgorithmsBlood Pressure, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability