• Multiple rails in a compact design for low power applications
  • Self-contained Li-ion battery charger with power path management
  • Flexible multi-purpose IOs for general control tasks and for standalone operation with I²C interface
  • Flexible and fast adaption to different processors/applications
  • Cost effective, small package optimized for low PCB cost and size


  • Linear charger with internal transistor
  • Trickle/Constant current and constant voltage
  • 2 programmable current sources up to 40mA
  • Low battery and Power Good output
  • Standby function with programmable voltages

Product parameters

DC-DC Step Down Converters1x0.5A
Universal LDOs2x200
Current Sinks2x40
General Purpose ADC
Customizable Startup SequencesProgrammable
PackageWL-CSP-20, 0.4mm pitch