• 4 DC-DC step-down regulators (3-4MHz)
  • 3 DC-DC step-down controller with automatic phase shedding
  • 11 universal LDOs (one with DC-DC tracking feature)
  • Low power real time clock (<1uA)
  • Programmable stand-by sequence


  • Compact design due to small coils for IO and memory voltage generation
  • High current generation with external power stages to minimize PMIC power dissipation
  • Multiple independent voltage rails for general purpose IO supplies

Product parameters

DC-DC Step Down Converters8-phase + 2-phase + 2-phase + 4A +2A + 2x1.5A
Universal LDOs12x300
General Purpose ADC10, 12-channel
Customizable Startup SequencesProgrammable
PackageBGA-124 (8x8mm)