• Intelligent controller with integrated XYZ tristimulus sensor and selectable CCT presets
  • Industry standard CCT presets via mode resistor, or single CCT target value in Flash
  • Selectable drive modes, including PWM-switched current steering or PWM-based duty cycle management
  • Remaps dimming response from percent of power to percent of rated lumen output
  • 20-pin LGA 4.5mm x 4.7mm x 2.5mm, -40°C to 85°C
  • Compact lighting-capable package with no added optics required


  • Flexible manufacturing and stocking inventories… One BOM can support multiple CCT SKUs
  • Eliminates lumen/color binning penalty, significantly reducing cost of quality lighting
  • Enables cost-optimized single channel drivers to deliver a precise CCT result
  • 100% lumen maintenance factor over the life of the luminaire

Product parameters

Sensor TypeCIE tristimulus XYZ
ApplicationsClosed loop CCT and lumen compensation
Reference Networkingn/a
Smart Ltg Command Setn/a
Lux/CCT ControlFlash and hardware configurable
I²CMaster for added ambient light sensing
Package20-pin LGA with aperture