Discontinued Power Semiconductors

Power electronics began in 1902 with the invention of the rectifier. Power electronics enables above all the conversion of electrical energy in terms of the form of voltage, the level of voltage and current and the frequency. Advances in microelectronics have also led to further improvements in control and regulation in the field of power electronic components, thus making power electronics even more important. At Solicomp you will find a large selection of discontinued and current power semiconductors from many well-known manufacturers.

Power ex stock:

  • Diodes
  • Germanium & Silicon Transistors
  • Thyristors (TRIAC, DIAC, SIDAC)
  • Bridge rectifier
  • Darlington transistors
  • Unijunction transistors
  • MOS field effect transistors
  • Zener and suppressor diodes
  • Axial and screw diodes