• 1mlux detectable illuminance
  • UV/IR blocking filter for clear channel
  • ALS interrupt with thresholds
  • Flicker-immune ALS sensing with programmable integration time
  • Cuncurrent flicker and ALS measurement with new simplified readout methodology
  • Up to 7kHz flicker detection (14kHz sampling)
  • Configurable sleep mode
  • Interrupt-driven device
  • Digital and analog saturation flags


  • Invisible ALS sensing under any glass type
  • Unique fast ALS integration mode
  • Integrated ambient light flicker detection on chip
  • Low power consumption and minimum I²C traffic
  • Integrated status checking for all functions

Product parameters

Supply Voltage1.7 -1.98
InterfaceI²C - 1.8V
ProgrammableGain, integration time, interrupt, configuration
Temperature Range-30 to 85
PackageOLGA, Pin coun 6