• Low-profile (0.35mm) and ultra-small (0.7mm³) volumetric size
  • Proximity crosstalk compensation
  • 940nm IR proximity with automatic ambient light subtraction
  • Automatic single alternative I²C address option
  • Split near/far photodiodes and offset emitter/detector placement
  • 0.18µm process technology with 1.8V I²C
  • Small footprint 2.0 mm x 1.0 mm x 0.35 mm package


  • Ideal for the smallest size applications
  • Enables accurate and stable measurements behind highly diffusive and spectrally distorting materials in low light level environments
  • Compensates for unwanted ambient light photodiode current
  • Enables an additional device to reside on I²C bus with 0x38
  • Enhances industrial design flexibility of sensor apertures sizes and shapes (1.5mm circular or 1mmx2mm Oval)
  • Reduces overall system power consumption
  • Reduces board space requirements and enables low-profile system design

Product parameters

Supply Voltage1.7 -2.0
I²C Bus1.8
ProgrammableGain, Pulse width, Number of pulses, VCSEL current, Interrupt
Integrated Capabilities and ComponentsIR VCSEL
Recommended Operating Distances<5
Temperature Range-30 to 85
PackageOLGA, Pin count 6